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Its in the Genes

When I was a child I was brought up to love the water , we kayaked as a family and my sister kayaked for our borough . My dad loved sub aqua also and I spent my whole childhood in the water learning to respect and love it. Fast forward a good few

years , I meet a gymnastics , trampolinist man who loved to somersault ...forward and backward off the strangest of things !!! But we clicked """ Then we got to a point in life ...2008 to be exact where this back flipping man fancied another challenge so we bought a few kayaks to touch base with my old passions. As he got hooked within a few years he bacame a qualified kayak instructor, from taking out friends and family it grew into a club, growing each month and continuing to personally invest in a trailer, boats and more equipment so the club could grow.

A few years later while my mother took care of our kids on tramore beach he took me out for a paddle board session ...he was thinking this would be tame against the White water he had grown to love but he took a shine to it also ...I will never forget the laughs and fun we had on our first Paddleboard session! I was so proud that he decided to become one of the first batch of trained paddleboard instructors in canoeing Ireland within a year.

I have taken a back seat while the kids grew but now we are all willing and able to become a bigger part of the club ...not only because we have grown as a family but because the club can allow us to grow as a unit ! I am proud to be part of this club from the begining but hope to continue to be a part of its future too !!!

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