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Sharpening the tools in my tool box

Running a club is fulfilling to see personal development for each of the members within. The feeling that each year as the club grows in strength and ability is certainly a driving force in why I commit so much time to running it.

The only draw back is that as a coach you spend so much time looking after others and concentrating on their growth that you forget to develop yourself and have time out to paddle freely.

I've made a commitment to myself this winter that I will take more time out to get back to paddling for me, to do this I need to paddle with peers and guide at times but the experience has to be for me.

The club has more and more experienced paddlers coming through the levels and although there's a few years yet for them to catch up I want to ensure I am fresh and can help them as they grow even more.

The club will continue to grow and we have a weekly winter program all laid out to keep everyone developing so its a win win for all :-)

Remember to always take time out to sharpen the tools in your tool box

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